Five Loaves Cafe Offers Delicious and Healthy Comfort Food to Hungry Patrons

Delicious comfort food that’s also healthy, locally-sourced and sustainable. That’s the hallmark of the Five Loaves Cafe, which works with local suppliers for the freshest meats, vegetables and dairy products. Casey Glowacki,, co-owner Glowfisch Group, says that he was inspired by his love of making soups to offer good food that is also affordable: “My food always leans towards a healthy approach but not to be labeled as such. I like food that people can understand, portions that are fair, and prices as low as I can possibly make them so that folks can dine more than once a week at my places.”

From sourcing ingredients to disposing of leftovers and containers, restaurant is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. It serves only hormone-free and pasture-raised beef, and antibiotic-free chicken and turkey raised in the Carolinas. Restaurant buildings use sustainable materials and ecologically sound building design and methods. Take-out containers for food and drinks are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable.
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